Our team of
committed professionals

is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our clients as we work collaboratively to advance and accomplish our clients’ goals and objectives.

Gondens is highly skilled at managing projects and assembling business opportunities through the ever-changing business and political environment in Latin America and the Caribbean

For more than 30 years, Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurial firms have relied on Gondens’ team of professionals to navigate through Latin America and Caribbean political and business processes to address their needs and produce results.

Our business philosophy

Gondens is committed to measured growth. As a small business consulting firm located in Bogota, Colombia, we want to insure we provide our clients the quality time and detailed attention to ensure the highest quality of service and results. This philosophy may result in our decision of not to engage in some assignments.

Our core values

At Gondens we strive to offer our clients the following set of essential core values crucial in any business venture initiative


Business understanding
and financial literacy

During our experience reporting to senior leadership we have demonstrated contributions beyond departmental remits, spanning the whole business.



We possess the ability to balance the commercial needs of the business with the reputational risks and implications of taking certain decisions.



We definitely have the ability to provide rigorous analysis and metrics on stakeholder risks & opportunities supported by data/analytics that are used at board level.


Courage and

We are committed to bringing the outside perspective in and looking at issues through the lens of stakeholders. This sometimes requires the courage to state potentially challenging views.



We have acquired the skills to build a high-performance firm that delivers value surpassing to that of other similar firms



Simply put, Gondens provides our clients the highest degree of ethics and professionalism. Our client’s reputation and credibility is reflected in the firm it retains.


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