Government relations expert launches Latin America/Caribbean consultancy

Federico Gonzalez-Denton, a seasoned government relations and corporate affairs executive with extensive experience in Latin America and the Caribbean, established Gondens International Advisors.
Anne Kalosh | Dec 10, 2020

Gonzalez-Denton was VP business development and government relations for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Royal Caribbean Group for more than a dozen years. He also served as vice chair of the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association’s Operations Committee. He had a year-long stint as regional coordinator – business development for Latin America and the Caribbean at Global Ports Holding. Earlier positions were with AARP, Walmart and Advent-Morro Equity Partners.

Full-service international advisory firm

Based in Bogotá, Colombia, Gondens is a full-service international advisory firm specialized in advancing and protecting the interests of companies and public service entities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The team, which includes Roberto Trigos, an expert in marketing, market research and strategic planning, and Jorge Mandiola, a transportation, logistics and port operations leader, is highly skilled at managing projects and business initiatives in the ever-changing political and economic landscape of the region.

Gondens’ services include assisting clients in influencing public policy at local, regional and national levels or even globally; marketing, market research and strategic planning; and analysis and planning for transportation, logistics and port operations.

Liaison between cruise lines and destinations

‘Gondens is perfectly positioned to serve as a liaison between cruise companies and destinations to improve and create new and exciting cruise product in Central and South America,’ Gonzalez-Denton told Seatrade Cruise News. ‘I see the pandemic as the perfect opportunity to think outside the box and come up with new cruise concepts.’

It is expected that due to COVID-19 protocols, many traditional ports won’t be able to handle several ships on the same day, so this could create great opportunities for new destinations in Central and South America, Gonzalez-Denton said.

He also pointed to the new Panama Cruise Terminal at Amador, which he sees as opening possibilities for destinations not traditionally visited by cruise ships. And Gonzalez-Denton thinks the region provides abundant opportunities for expedition cruising, a sector that’s booming with newbuilds and new brands.

South America’s potential

‘I’m an eternal optimist about the potential of South America as a cruise region,’ he added. ‘I will continue to work on it.’

Gonzalez-Denton serves as managing director and director of government & corporate affairs for Gondens. Trigos, who has 40 years of experience leading major market research companies in Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico, is director of marketing, market research & strategic planning. Mandiola, with 25 years in logistics and transport/cargo/port operations management, is director of transportation, logistics & port operations.

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